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Dedication Run
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Steppies Fun Day
February 2, 2020
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Archive for October, 2012

Met Ys Mc:

Pres: Oubie – Egmond Janse Van Rensburg

Vice:  Vale – Andre Hugo

Treasurer: Marmot – Christelle Hugo

Sec: Mies Main – Charmaine Janse Van Rensburg

Road Captain: Dassie – Stephan Evans

Members: Springkaan – Elrien, Kriek – Jacques, Phillip, Annemarie, Werfie – Werner, Dolfyn – Marriette, Skilpad en Vlooi, Rosie

Prospects: Nita, Nicola, Snawel, Alishia

We support Animal Walfare

We started in 2007. We started riding with the? (Question mark),  at first. In early 2008 we named the club Met Ys. The ? was kept, we added the glass as to show we are sociable will all. The liquid represents the Table Mountain to show we are from Cape Town.  We have members as far as Kuilsrivier, Brackenfell, Kraaifontein and Goodwood. We are currently 15 members and have 4 prospects. Our HQ is in Brackenfell.

90% of the club members have animal or insect names as can be seen because of our love for animals. Because we started members with animal names we prefer to try and keep it in that order.

We had our 3rd Birthday Bash on the 6th of October 2012. Between the members we tried to collect as much dog & cat food as possible. The members pitched in and blankets, cushions, knitted jerseys, collars and toys were made for the pets. Alfred from M.A.W.C. donated 15 blankets from the Blanket run. At the event our first prize was a project bike; scrambler. The winner, Adel from Warlords gave her prize to the Presidents of Naughty Boys, to give to his son. Great heart she has.  We had a great day with loads of fun. We had Andre Christie who sang and made good music.

We were all too glad to receive emails from Animal Welfare who thanked us for our generous donations.

We certainly will be doing this again next year as part of our fun day.