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Archive for September, 2013


Suzuki the bike to have and ride
Suzuki the one I love
Suzuki the only one far and wide
Suzuki fits my love for biking like a glove

Unfortunately not loved by all
Unfazed I am till the end
Undying dedication even if I fall
Until the end and not just a Trend

Zero to hero is how I feel
Zigzagging the highways and byways
Zooming in traffic so glad not behind a wheel
Zero to hero a full set of A’s

Unparralelled in power and style
Unlike the others
Until it is felt and seen it takes a while
Uniting all on the road like brothers

Killing the competition in all the days
Kawasaki Honda Yamaha and the rest
Kicking the butts in many ways
Keep trying as you know we are the best

I say live for road
I say Suzuki the leader in all ways
I believe this will unfold
I will follow until the end of days

Thx Kleinpiesang

On behalf of Michelle Castelyn,  Saints & Sinners MCC would like to thank each and every person who contributed and assisted in raising the funds for her Medical. 

She has now gone for her first operation, both her knees was replaced.  But for more info, see attached article.