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20141013_203630_resized20141013_203437_resized20141013_203151_resized20141013_203144_resizedIt can be done!

Well done to the members defying the Monday Blues to come out in force to the October MAWC meeting. There were 47 Member Clubs present as well as a record of 29 Visitors to the Meeting.

We had 2 guest speakers to address the floor:

  • Courtney and members from EMS to discuss the FREE first aid courses for MAWC member bikers 
  • Jaun from Alpha who has invited members for some spiritual enlightenment 

It was a great Meeting, missed many faces but in the end we are moving forward Uniting Biking in the Western Cape

The TASK TEAM introduced 2 new FULL PATCH eligible clubs namely GROUND BOUND and FLAMING FRIENDS

Welcome to the brotherhood! and hope to see you all at MAWC meetings in the future.

There were 5 new FRONT PATCH clubs introduced to the Floor:

  1. Spectre
  2. Cruising Buddies
  3. Straight 8′s
  4. Collective Souls
  5. Cobalt Broncos

Trust we will all see you again in November the 10th – homework – bring a friend :)

Blessed month to all! Ride Safe