Buddy Fund

The fund was created in honour of the late president of the MAWC Bernie Buddy Dettmer who passed away in August 2001 in a tragic motorcycle accident.

The original purpose of the fund was to aid bikers and families in the eventuality of a bikers death. Over the years the fund has grown considerably through the hard work of the MAWC executives and member clubs and we are proud to say we have helped countless families and bikers in need.

The funding vehicle for the buddy fund was the hosting of the Dop and Chop rally and the MAWC night jol, these events supported by clubs is the largest contributor to the fund.

Until recently the members clubs of the MAWC decided to expand  the mandate of the fund to include the safety of and rider training. The purpose of this was to invest in upskilling our biker brothers and sisters thus investing in their safety whilst they are alive.