Task Team

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The Western Cape Bikers Task Team

The aim and objective of the WCBTT is to bring about awareness of protocols amongst all the clubs.

With the support and backing of the Presidents and MAWC it helps to streamline the process at a very rapid pace in a noticeably brief period.

The vision of the WCBTT: “To act as an advisory body and educator regarding the establishment of new clubs so as to promote one standard based on integrity, passion, unity, respect and equality amongst all bikers and biker groups within the Western Cape Biking Community.”

The Composition of the Task Team    

The WCBTT consists of members affiliated and non-affiliated to the MAWC.

The group has the full authority to appoint the members of the WCBTT whom they deem fit and who within their sole discretion will be suitable to fulfill the aims and vision of the WCBTT.

The Responsibilities of the Task Team

  1. The WCBTT is mandated to operate as an empowered body to inter alia deal with the entire process of all matters pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of new Clubs / Club Chapters within the Western Cape Region.
  2. The WCBTT performs its duties in terms of protocols and must ensure that all new Clubs / Club Chapters conform to the protocols and guidelines. This mandate has also been extended by the  clubs supporting both MAWC and Presidents Meet platforms to include existing Clubs / Club Chapters.
  3. It inter alia deals with all matters pertaining to the establishment of new clubs regarding Club Name, Patch Design, Slogans, Membership, etc.
  4. The WCBTT will monitor new Clubs / Club Chapters from the moment the application for registration is received up to the fulfilment of the pre-requisite probation period before such a Club / Club Chapter is to be acknowledged and recognised and has the full authority to impose the necessary sanctions on those Clubs / Club Chapters which refuse to follow protocol.

The task team can be contacted at: info@wcbtaskteam.co.za  or  www.wcbtaskteam.co.za