MAWC History


Our History – MAWC at a glance:

  • Is an association of bike clubs, individuals and businesses, with its roots in the biking fraternity dating back to 1994
  • Its membership consists of anyone with an invested interest in biking
  • Promotes peaceful and safe biking, brotherhood in the biking community and share in the unity of motorcycling
  • Offers various services such as a website, updated events calendar, business contact list, biking information, mediator in disputes and differences
  • Members have access to health and roadside assistance, insurance, funeral assistance, legal assistance, Road Captains Assistance
  • Does not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, religion, or disability and has no political affinities
  • Believes in maintaining a competent, efficient and experienced infrastructure in order to deliver a professional service to its members in all respects.